Executive Message

Erik G. Wexler Executive Vice President and Chief Executive
Providence St. Joseph Health,
Los Angeles Region
Susan C. Dolbert, PhD President and Chief Development Officer
Providence Foundations,
Los Angeles Region

Welcome to Providence Foundations, Southern California’s inaugural online annual report. Our transition to a contemporary Web format not only allows us to share an enriched array of information about our ministries and donors, it exemplifies our core value of Stewardship as we reduce our use of natural resources and curb the substantial costs associated with producing a large booklet. You may navigate our 2016 report by ministry or by topic, depending on your interest. It is also designed to be read on your tablet or smartphone.

An appropriate description for 2016 may be, “Year of transition.” We both joined Providence last year and immersed ourselves in its unique culture and traditions while quickly learning about the important priorities of our caregivers, patients and donors. Your support as we settled into our new roles has been invaluable and we want to thank you for your all your kindness.

Providence also celebrated our formal partnership with St. Joseph Health in 2016 – a union that has strengthened our organization and boosted our future opportunities to effect positive change in the health and well-being of our communities.

Once again our donors demonstrated their inspiring commitment to our ministries by contributing $22.9 million in support of the high quality, compassionate care that defines our purpose and our brand. More than 170 years ago our foundresses presented a vision for community-supported health care that blends the passion of our friends and neighbors with the calling of our caregivers. More than ever, this model amplifies the noble intentions of our donors whose continued support is so vital to our success.

On behalf of the caregivers and patients at each of our ministries, we thank you for your generosity and your inspiring support for our Mission.

Stories of 2016

Our donors make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients and caregivers every day. Please explore some of the people you have helped through your generosity.

Events of 2016

Throughout the year, friends of the Foundation join together to celebrate with us as we raise funds and awareness for our ministries. Please enjoy these photos of our time together.

Our Donors in 2016

Our donors make it possible to carry out our mission in so many important ways. It is our pleasure to acknowledge your generosity in our annual report.

Curious about our numbers?

Our volunteer board leaders and Foundation staff work tirelessly throughout the year with ministry caregivers and our donors to meet the financial goals of our ministries. In 2016 our community responded to our efforts with an impressive $22.9 million in gifts. We are deeply grateful for your support and encourage you to review our audited financials results for 2016.