Executive Message

Susan C. Dolbert, PhD President and Chief Development Officer
Erik. G. Wexler Chief Executive

Dear Friends,

We are deeply excited to share with you our annual report for 2017, a year of great achievements across Providence Foundations, Southern California. It has been our privilege to work with strong philanthropic leadership at each of our ministries, and the results of our teams’ collective efforts are extraordinary.

In 2017, our Foundations raised a record-breaking $61.4 million for our region, with significant gifts secured at multiple ministries. Many, like the historic $20 million gift made to Providence Little Company of Mary by Donald and Priscilla Hunt, were the result of the Hunt family’s deep commitment to our mission. Others, like the Cusumano family’s $10 million gift to Providence Saint Joseph’s Emergency Services Campaign, were made with a commitment to help solve pressing community needs at our ministries.

Indeed, the strong leadership we have brought to philanthropy in our region, coupled with the increasing support of generous benefactors, is now being engaged in support of priorities that will support our caregivers’ exceptional performance. Our swiftly growing community of patients is seeking the most effective and innovative care possible, and our Foundations and ministries are dedicated to our promise to our patients of “Know me, care for me, ease my way”, providing each and every patient with the best care, delivered with compassion.

At Providence Tarzana, philanthropy is helping the Reimagined campaign transform the entire medical center in ways that will dramatically expand and enhance its scope of care. Generous philanthropic gifts are allowing Providence Saint Joseph and Providence Little Company of Mary San Pedro to build leading-edge new emergency departments, while Providence Holy Cross is making great strides in a new initiative to double the capacity of its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

In all of our ministries, philanthropic success has dovetailed with ongoing efforts by our executive leadership and caregivers to pave the way for Health 2.0 – a widespread integration of whole person care throughout our ministries. As you will see in many of the messages and stories throughout this report, Providence St. Joseph Health is working toward new and more patient-centered approaches to care at every ministry, which in turn inspires the strong staff in our Foundation.

None of this would be possible without your support and, as you take this opportunity to learn more about this exceptional year, we want to thank you for helping us achieve so much and better serve our patients.

Stories of 2017

Our donors make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients and caregivers every day. Please explore some of the people you have helped through your generosity.

Events of 2017

Throughout the year, friends of the Foundation join together to celebrate with us as we raise funds and awareness for our ministries. Please enjoy these photos of our time together.

Our Donors in 2017

Our donors make it possible to carry out our mission in so many important ways. It is our pleasure to acknowledge your generosity in our annual report.

Curious about our numbers?

Our volunteer board leaders and Foundation staff work tirelessly throughout the year with ministry caregivers and our donors to meet the financial goals of our ministries. In 2017 our community responded to our efforts with an impressive $22.9 million in gifts. We are deeply grateful for your support and encourage you to review our audited financials results for 2017.